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Note: This game is built for Oculus Quest and can be installed with SideQuest.

Note: This is a pre-release version of Descent Alps.


Descent Alps is a virtual reality skiing game. The player races down the mountain with a great sense of speed and urgency through motion controls.

The goal is to clear all gates and cross the finish line. Each course has a unique rhythm. Finding the rhythm is the key to success. The reward is adrenaline and the feeling of flow.


The game is played with motion controls. You turn by leaning or shifting your weight in the direction of the turn.

You gain better precison with hands in front of yourself and ski poles visible.

If you prefer its also possible to play with hands on your back or at the sides.

The gif above shows the two control "modes" that work the best.


  • Hybrid rhythm and racing gameplay.
  • Layered mechanics make the game easy to learn hard to master.
  • Flow inducing controls and visuals.
  • 3 courses included in this demo version.


Descent Alps is in active development. The goal is to create a really comforable VR experince that puts traversal of the enviroment at the gameplay core. We'r targeting a full release Q3 2020. This free pre-release demo is the first steping stone towards the goal. We'r hoping to gather feedback and gain insight that can help us make the game totally awesome!

  • Free pre-release demo, march 2020.
  • Pre-release of the beta version, Q2 2020.
  • Release of the game! Q3 2020.

Change log 0.0.2

- Proper splash screen for better comfort when loading the game.

- Respawn in course instead of menu on failed course. Saves time and clicks.

- Checkpoint before last section in tutorial course. You dont have to redo the whole tutorial.

- Faster screen fade on loads.

- Control scheme now allows control with only headset tracked.

- Control scheme more relaiable and supports a diverse way of playing.

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Install instructions

Install from SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/668
Or download the APK directly and follow this guide.


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