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Looking down the slopes of a steep mountain with a pair of skies strap to your feet is exhilarating. You will learn to overcome even the most challenging of descents by feeling the rhythm of the slope and finding the correct lines.

The layered mechanics make Descent Alps enjoyable and comfortable for people new to VR as well as rewarding for the dedicated players.

In Descent Alps, skiing is controlled with motion of the whole body. You shift your body weight and lean into the curve. You hunch down to carve the skies and make quick turns.

You gain better precision with hands in front of yourself and ski poles visible.

If you prefer its also possible to play with hands on your back or at the sides.


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is there any way of playing this on the Rift S

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Wow!  Great job at simulating the sensation of actually skiing.  I had so much fun playing this.  I actually came to itch to donate but I can't find an option to do that.  Do you have a donation method, please?


Hello, thanks for your kind words! It makes me happy that you enjoyed the game. I do not accept donations. Instead, the game will get a paid release within a few months (Q1 2021). The paid release will add more courses, music, features, and polish. More of everything:)


That’s great news! I’m excited and happy to hear that!

thats awesome is there any pre purchase, ive had so much fun playing this would gladly pay $15-$20 for this!!

it’d be super cool if there was a way to import existing  mountain trails, would love to ski some mountains i skied in the past.

also would love a zen infinite mode to just keep skiing, i found the game to be super relaxing!!


Hey man, this is really cool! Might just be my lack of skill but I found myself drifting to the left, if I was standing completely straight up I would head to the left and if I leaned entirely to the right I could only maybe go straight instead of going right. Otherwise lots of potential and really enjoyed the sense of speed. With the drifting I had a huge trouble trying to complete the tutorial mission because I couldn't move myself over the the slalom.


Great game! Surprisingly easy to play and not disorienting. 10/10

does not download

Hi, Just stumbled across this game on SideQuest and absolutely love it! Super potential and great fun already - good for a ski fix in the summer...!

Wee bit of feedback, would you consider a free-play option of some kind? I love the environments but I don't really want to try and complete the course super quick, I just want to have a chill 'ski'. Also, found myself confused why I kept dying/losing until I found your comments here so may be worth making more clear, even if not in the tutorial yet.

Thanks! I'll be looking forward to further developments and if I can contribute money to development at all I'd love to!

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! There is a free-play option in the game. You unlock it by completing the course "high altitude" its the black course in the top left corner of the map.

One of the things prioritization atm is making the tutorial better at explaining the rules of the game. As well as communicating the optimal way of controlling skies. 

I absolutely love this game demo so far! How can I help? I would love to contribute to the project somehow. Are you thinking about releasing the source? Also, if you  want to record a better game-play video, simply send the quest ADB commands to raise the frame rate, resolution, and overall quality. You can also record sound through the headphone port for fairly cheap. Just google how to record higher resolution video on the quest. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back from you...

Hello, sorry for the late answer. Thanks for trying the game and its even better that you enjoyed it;) I've tried playing around with the capture settings through ADB. Recording 16:9 video is tempting but it just crops to much of the vertical FOV. But I'll try to bump up the resolution next time. As for contributing to the project. Its always really helpful with feedback, especially regarding things you found annoying or not working so well. I've set up a Discord channel if you wanna come in and talk more in detail https://discord.gg/F2wqSGe

Hello. Enjoy the game. 

I am not totally sure about how the play the rhythm part of the game. 

There are gates with pulsing colors, there is a black block thing that seems to reduce HP or something. There is a ring thing that I guess is power up. Also Gold Ring at the center on my HUD. Would appreciate definition of what that is. 

Hands, once on your way, do they do anything? should I keep fling them around in in launching motion?

Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

The game are evolving faster then the tutorial, so to clarify things:

The orange ring in the HUD displays a countdown timer that ticks down with each beat. When the rings becomes empty its game-over. Your speed and control scales with how filled the ring is.

You refill the ring by clearing gates (the red and blue things dropping from the sky) You simply have to pass between them from either direction. 

Then there is the power-ups and power-downs. Power-ups have a chance of spawning upon clearing gates. They are rotating golden rings as a nod to Sonic:) And you collect them by running over them or striking with your ski-stick. Successfully collected power-ups refills the timer as well as give a permanent speed  boost.

Power-downs on the other hand spawn if you fail to clear gates. They are black and should be avoided!

The music is used to determine when things spawn and when you intersect them. If you fall into the correct rhythm the game becomes easier. But there is still a lot of tuning needed on that part.